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Dr. Stine Gutjahr


Geophysics Section

Seismology Group


Malteserstraße 74 - 100
Room D145
12249 Berlin
+49 30 838 458 675

Stine studied geophysics at the Freie Universität Berlin where she received her diploma in 2009. For her diploma thesis she performed wavefield separation to the recorded wavefield of an active seismic data set from the San Andreas fault at Parkfield and separately imaged the P-, S- and converted components of the wavefield. Stine finished her PhD in 2015. For her thesis she reprocessed an old industry seismic reflection data set in order to gain additional structural information of the deep crust and upper mantle of the San Andreas fault zone using advanced imaging techniques. Currently she focuses on the detection and location of microseismic events and the processing of refraction seismic data.