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Applied and Earthquake Seismology

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Serge A. Shapiro, the Applied and Earthquake Seismology Research Group investigates earthquake sources and the structure of the earth, from reservoir to regional and global scale.

A key focus of our research is the characterization of gas and oil reservoirs, by applying a multitude of seismological methods. Our aim is a better understanding of the physics of small earthquakes, which are frequently observed to accompany fluid injections (so-called fluid-induced microseismicity), and of the physical fundamentals for microseismic monitoring. This research involves both theoretical and observational aspects and has been merged in the PHASE project since 2004.

We also perform observational seismological studies, often in seismically active regions of the Earth in order to help improve the understanding of the dynamic processes within our planet. Currently, we are involved in seismological projects in the Alpine orogen, the Northern Chile subduction zone, and we analyse earthquake data recorded in a South African Gold mine.

Our third focus lies on laboratory measurements on sedimentary rocks, aiming at a better understanding of the influence of pressure on seismic velocity in anisotropic rock samples. With our research in rock physics, we contribute to a better interpretation of reflection seismic data with respect to anisotropy and in situ stress conditions and lead to a better construction of velocity models for seismic imaging.

For more detailed information, see our project pages.