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Alexander Balduin, B.Sc.

Alexander Balduin

M.Sc. Student

Malteserstr. 74-100
Room 241 Building B
12249 Lankwitz

Study & Research Interests

Planetology; Precambrian Research; Geochemical modelling; Modelling Geological Processes through Matlab, Fortran and Perple_X;  Clean lab: Major & Trace Elements; Using ICP-MS analyses for geochemistry; Stable Isotopes

Master Thesis


Supervisor: Lena Noack & Julia Schmidt

Bachelor Thesis

South Africa, Swasiland: Comparison the major and trace element chemistry of samples from Swasiland with the Ancient Gneiss Complex (AGC).

Supervisor: Elis Hoffmann & Kathrin Schneider 

Working Experience

Feb 2022 - recent:

Student Assistant for Section 3.3: Earth Surface Geochemistry at the GFZ: Boron Isotopes experiments

Oct 2017 - Feb 2022:  Student Assistant for Prof. Dr. Lena Noack 

Feb 2017 - Apr 2022: 

Student Assistant for the TRR 170 and FUB Geochemistry Website and management of computer resources.

(Webmaster : https://www.trr170-lateaccretion.de)

Apr 2016 - Sep 2017:

Student Assistant for Section 3.3: Earth Surface Geochemistry at the GFZ: Sample preparation and general support of Cleanlab &   ICP – Lab analyses.

Feb 2016 - Nov 2016: 

Preparation of Samples from Southafrica (AGC/BA) in the Mineral Separation Lab and Clean Lab related to the DFG funded Project with PI Dr. Elis Hoffmann and Kathrin Schneider. 

Conference Assistant:

German-Swiss Geodynamik Workshop (Part of the organisation team)

EPSC 2019 in Geneva

EGU 2019 in Vienna

EANA 2018 in Berlin (Part of the organisation team)

EPSC 2018 in Berlin

EGU 2018 in Vienna

Force 2017 in Berlin


Schneider, K.P., Hoffmann, J.E., Kröner, A., Balduin, A., Sprung, P., Schleicher, A.M., Münker, C. (2022): A Mesoarchean large igneous province on the eastern Kaapvaal Craton (southern Africa) confirmed by metavolcanic rocks from Kubuta, Eswatini. Lithosphere; (Special 8): 5729877. DOI: 10.2113/2022/5729877

Conference Abstracts:


Balduin A. and Noack L. (2019) - Mantle mixing efficiency during Archean Earth EGU2019-4454 | Posters | GD1.2/AS4.61/BG5.4/CL1.01/GMPV1.6/TS1.6


Balduin A., Noack L. (2018) - Phase transitions in rocky mantles - influence of composition and temperature EGU2018-1810 | Posters | GD3.1/GMPV7.3/PS1.2/SM4.08

Noack L., Balduin A. (2018) - Mantle mixing over time EPSC2018-558 | Oral |  EXO4/TP14/OPS9/MD6

Field Work

Geological mapping: Eifel, Brohtal - April 2012 - 14 Days

Field trip: Vulkanismus in der Eifel