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FU Berlin hosts the PFE-SPP1992 joint meeting on “(Exo)Planet Diversity, Formation, and Evolution”

News from Sep 01, 2022

Freie Universität Berlin is hosting this years PFE-SPP 1992 joint meeting. In order to foster collaborations across fields, this PFE-SPP1992 joint meeting aims at being a platform for researchers from the scientific fields of exoplanets, planet formation, protoplanetary and debris disks, astrobiology, cosmochemistry, and planetary research in general. The organizers also want to encourage contributions from all disciplines, i.e. theory, observations as well as numerical and laboratory studies. The overarching goal of this meeting is to stimulate and intensify the dialogue between researchers from these different fields.

For more information about the meeting, please visit the meeting website here. 

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