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Lena Noack is Incoming Chair of the Europlanet Science Congress 2022

News from Sep 18, 2022

Prof. Dr. Lena Noack, head of the "Planetary Geodynamics" group, has been appointed the position of Incoming Chair with the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC). A short statement on what she is most looking forward to in her new role als Chair of EPSC, extracted from an interview with Europlanet Magazine:

"Helping to organise EPSC in the past at different levels has been a rewarding challenge, and it is exciting to change now my role to Incoming Chair of EPSC. Apart from finding a great venue for EPSC 2025, I look forward to strengthening the collaboration with DPS in the joint meeting in 2023, and I am really excited that we will finally have the chance to visit both Grenada and Helsinki in 2022 and 2024 respectively and that we did not miss hosting an EPSC at these great locations due to the pandemic. EPSC has been constantly growing over the past years, but I specifically look forward to contributing to making it as inclusive and diverse as possible, to truly represent the planetary sciences community within the whole of Europe. At the same time, I think it is important to keep the ‘family feeling’ of the Europlanet Society and EPEC at EPSC, so that participants have a rewarding experience when attending our annual conference. With approximately 1000 participants each year, we are now at a comfortable size for EPSC, where we can all experience the newest scientific discoveries and breakthroughs, but still have the chance to meet and exchange with our colleagues without feeling lost, something we definitely want to keep for the future, especially after the cut-backs during the pandemic!"

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