Glacial Processes 3

Increase in temperature can cause the melting of glacials, Austria
The retreating of glaciers are resulting from changing temperature, Austria
Image Credit: C. H. Jen, 2003
Melting glaciers in Tibetan plateau
Melting glaciers in Tibetan plateau
Image Credit: H. Zhang, 2005

Geomorphic disasters can also be triggered in these environments. Rapid mass movements such as avalanches have now become common due to the rapid snow melting.An increase in temperature in the cold glaciated regions will lead to glacier retreat. Indeed it is expected that global warming will result in melting of glaciers and induce hydrological redistribution respond.

Glaciers retreat because the balance between accumulation and melting collapse. This can be attributed to the increase in the temperature. All the melting rate exceeds the accumulation rate. This is a normal process, however the global climatic change can influence the balance of the glaciers, because the temperatures increase leading to interglacaial epoch. When the temperatures decrease, the glaciers advance globally leading to glaciation epoch.



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