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ECTS, Grades and Scheine

Depending on the workload, modules are typically worth 5, 6, 10 or 15 ECTS. Courses with a higher number of ECTS might include an own research project or a field trip. Please get in contact with the Erasmus+ Coordination if you have questions about the ECTS because unfortunately, they are not indicated in the course catalogue. They can be found each program’s study regulations.You might get less ECTS if you only complete the attendance of the seminar (“Teilnahmeschein”) instead of active participation in terms of any form of exam (“Leistungsschein”). 

Not every course is graded as some only include a passed or failed evaluation. If you need a grade for a course that is not meant to be graded, please contact the instructor regarding this issue. 

The grading process may take up to several weeks. You may well have returned to your home countries by the time your grades (either in Campus Management or as "Scheine") are available. This should, however, not be a problem. Just make sure you keep the contact details of your professors safe and that you provide them with an alternative email address in case your FU email address expires. Stay in touch with your professors and, if needed, remind them to send you the graded Schein via email. Please inform them beforehand about any reason why you might need your grades sooner (e.g. applying for a Master’s programme). If you cannot reach the respective professor, feel free to ask the Erasmus+ Coordination for support.

In general, the required work for a certificate of achievement (“Leistungsschein”) is more complex than the one for a participation certificate (“Teilnahmeschein”). The latter is awarded with less ECTS for your general participation in the specific course, and, besides regular attendance, can include readings, a presentation, reviews or more. This kind of certificate is NOT graded. A certificate of achievement additionally requires the completion of an assignment (e.g. research paper or exam), which might be graded (it does not have to be graded). During the first week, teachers generally provide you with the specific requirements. Specifics of the different forms of certification may vary between departments and faculties as does the amount of ECTS for each course.