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Course Selection and Learning Agreement

The number of courses offered in English varies across the different study programs and levels at the Department of Geosciences. The Bachelor programs offer some courses in English. You can find out about a specific course’s language of instruction in the course catalogue. Generally, at the Master level more courses are offered in English. At the moment, we have two M.Sc. programs that are entirely taught in English: 
M.Sc. Planetary Sciences and Space Exploration
 (Geology) and Geographies of Global Inequalities (Human Geography). Erasmus students might be allowed to hand in essays and give presentations in English despite classes being taught in German after discussing it with the instructor.

Yes, it is permitted to take classes at other Departments and many incoming students at our department do so. However, the possibility to actually participate in those classes is not guaranteed by the Erasmus+ Agreement. This means that you can't simply sign up for them and that you have to ask the professor whose class you want to take if participation is permitted. Generally, it is quite simple to attend any courses at the Department of Geosciences, including Geography, Geology and Meteorology. Choosing from other Department is possible as well. Overall, it often depends on the number of available spots in your chosen course.

It is unusual not to attend a whole module, however, it is possible for international students to get in touch with the instructors and discuss if they can only attend a certain component and how many ECTS they would get for the attendance.

German languages classes are available for incoming students, either as a preparatory course (beginner level) before the semester starts and/or during the semester as a regular language course (intermediate/advanced). You find more information about the exact offer here.

The Department of Geosciences doesn't have a limited course offer that only applies to international students. Therefore, you are free to choose (almost) any course you want from the course catalogue. There are only a few aspects to take into consideration. You need to consider the language of instruction and how advanced the course is to see if it matches your level of studies. Also, some courses include a field trip that takes place during the semester break but is still relevant to complete the whole module. Consider if staying in Berlin longer for such events would be possible for you. You might not be able to attend modules that require attendance during two semesters if you are only here for one, for example those requiring the preparation and conducting of own research projects. 

The FU offers some classes especially for international students which you are free to choose as well. You may also take languages classes.

Modules consist of several course components and are usually worth 5, 6 or 10 ECTS upon completion. The course offer at the Geosciences Department is based on attending whole modules. The components might be a lecture, a seminar, a field trip and/or a colloquium. A module with only a lecture and a seminar might be worth 5 ECTS, one including an additional field trip or own research project might be worth 10 ECTS. Not attending or completing all the components of a module automatically means being accredited less ECTS. 

The course catalogue is available here. It will be updated at the beginning of each semester. Please select according to department, study programme and the semester you will be studying at Free University Berlin. To choose courses for the upcoming semester, we advise you to take a look at last year’s course offer. Please keep in mind that the exact course offer might change. Some courses are also available specifically for international students (here). 


Depending on who you need to discuss the changes with, please contact your home university’s Erasmus+ Coordination or the Departmental Erasmus+ Coordination for the Department of Geosciences. 

The Responsible Person at the Receiving Institution (Freie Universität Berlin) at the Department of Geosciencs is currently Dr. Henning Rust. When working with the Online Learning Agreement, please add the corresponding e-mail (erasmus@geo.fu-berlin.de) so that we receive your OLA draft and can sign it online.

The Departmental Erasmus+ Coordination for the Department of Geosciences will sign the incoming Online Learning Agreements. The receiving university's coordinator agrees (preliminarily) to the student's choice of courses prior to their arrival in Berlin on the Learning Agreement. If you have any questions regarding your choice of courses please feel free to contact us at erasmus@geo.fu-berlin.de