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Daily Mean Temperature - Inner City - 1766-1934

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Kadow, Christopher; Wentzel, Bianca; Jaekel, Ilona; Bahlo, Marcus; Cubasch, Ulrich (2016): Berlin Climate Record - Daily Mean Temperature - Inner City - 1766-1934. doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.869767,

In: Kadow, C et al. (2017): Berlin Climate Record - Inner City - 1766-1934. Institut für Meteorologie, Freie Universität BerlinDataset #870862 (DOI registration in progress)


Berlin has one of the longest climate records in the world (Cubasch and Kadow, 2011). In the 17th century mainly the family of the astronomer Kirch started measuring the temperature and wrote down general weather patterns. In the beginning of the 18th century the measurements became more regular including multiple measures per day. Over time, more inner city stations appeared but also disappeared. Therefore, this Berlin Climate Record is a moving station, but representable for the inner city of Berlin. Many approaches were combining these datasets including bias correction efforts. With this dataset from 01.01.1766 to 31.12.1934 we reactivate the long inner city temperature record. In this study, we digitized, analyzed, and corrected the data set on the daily time frequency. The dataset has been reconstructed from: "Das Klima von Berlin (II) Temperatur - Abh. des Met. Dienstes der DDR Nr. 103, Band XIII, Akademie-Verlag 1971"

Related to:Cubasch, UlrichKadow, Christopher (2011): Global climate change and aspects of regional climate change in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. DIE ERDE - Journal of the Geographical Society of Berlin142(1-2), 3-20, http://www.die-erde.org/index.php/die-erde/article/download/40/35