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Auf dieser Seite werden verschiedene "Software-Tools" der Arbeitsgruppe vorgestellt.

The software development will be managed on the GitLab-Server@IfM and every employee or student can use this platform. It's used for common and own software projects. Few of them are listed here ...


Lagrangian trajectory calculations based on input data of ERA5, COSMO, CLM, CESM and more model data

  • On the ShowCase page useful informations about typical analysis scenarios are presented.
  • The Frontend contains a wrapper script which controls the calculation of trajectories.
  • The Backend handels the preparation of LAGRANTO formatted data from different data sources.
Plot Engine

Simple and fast plotting model output using CDs/Matplotlib/Phyton

  • The ShowCases demonstrates the possibilities of the PlotEngine
  • In the Repository the Python script with the library is managed.
  • The Webpages of the ShowCases will managed also with GitLab.
Vast System Earth system modelling in a webbased environment
  • The Vast Softwarestack provides a e-learning environment for earth system modelling.
  • The Portal of the Vast System is the central entrance point.
  • The WEKUW-Instanz is used for all modelling courses at IfM.
... ...