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Sommersemester 2018

Das aktuelle Programm im Sommersemester 2018 als PDF


19. April 2018

Open & FAIR: the liberation of research data and samples

Dr. Kerstin Lehnert
(Columbia University - USA)

Invited by: Harry Becker


26. April 2018

Seasonal dynamics of biological processes in dimictic lakes

Prof. Dr. Harald Strauß
(Universität Münster)

Invited by: Elis Hoffmann


3. Mai 2018

Modelling continental crust formation on Archean Earth

Prof. Dr. Gregor Golabek
(Universität Bayreuth)

Invited by: Lena Noack


17. Mai 2018

Analysis of a late Aptian high-stress ecosystem: 
The Romualdo Formation of the Araripe Basin, northeastern Brazil

Prof. Dr. Franz Fürsich
(Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (em.))

Invited by: Manja Hethke


24. Mai 2018

The birth and death of a mineral for every occasion

Dr. Jörn Hövelmann
(GFZ Potsdam)

Invited by: Ralf Milke


31. Mai 2018

Integrated approaches to investigate reactive transport processes in soil and groundwater

Prof. Dr. Irina Engelhardt
(Technische Universität Berlin)

Invited by: Michael Schneider


7. Juni 2018

In-situ rock characterisation with mini-seismic methods in underground facilities - crystalline rock, argillaceous rock and rock salt

Dr. Kristof Schuster
(BGR Hannover)

Invited by: Sibylle Mayr



14. Juni 2018

Geophysical isotope analyses and Earth's nitrogen budget

Dr. Helmut Lammer
(Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Invited by: Heike Rauer


21. Juni 2018

Water in the interior of Mars

Dr. Anne Peslier
(Jacobs, NASA Johnson Space Center - USA)

Invited by: Harry Becker


28. Juni 2018

Recent tectonics of the Indian Ocean

Dr. Nicolas Chamot-Rooke 
(CNRS, Ecole normale supérieure de Paris - France)

Invited by: Eline Le Breton


5. Juli 2018

Thermal expansion of transition metal olivines 

Dr. Peter Schmid-Beurmann 
(Universität Münster)

Invited by: Susan Schorr


12. Juli 2018

Groundwater contamination by arsenic in Nepal -
causes and mitigation

Dr. Barbara Müller
(University of Basel - Switzerland)

Invited by:
 Ralf Milke