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Unsere Mitarbeiter und ihre Forschungsschwerpunkte

Prof. Dr. Frank Riedel

- Mikropaläontologie (Ostracoda, Charophyta, Foraminifera)
- Paläobiographie
- Paläoklimatologie
- Paläontologische Datenbanken
- Geochemie (Stabile Isotopen)
- Paläoökologie
- Biostratigraphie
- Erdgeschichte

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Leinfelder

- Reef Evolution through Time
- Jurassic Reef
- Growth of Modern Reefs in "stressed" settings
- Constructional morphology and taxonomy of invertebrates
- Marine and Terrestrial Microbial Systems
- Quantitative Basin Modelling
- Progress in Methodologies
- Museology, Pedagogics, Public Understanding of Research
- Crossover of Science and Humanities
- Anthropocene Research

Prof. Dr. Helmut Keupp

- Invertebraten
- Mikropaläontologie
- Cephalopoden
- Riffbildende Organismen des Meso-Känozoikum
- Evolutionsökologie
- Marine Paläoökologie
- Biostratigraphie (Nannoplankton)
- Geochemie (Stabile Isotopen)
- Sedimentologie (Fazies-Analyse)
- Biologische Methoden

Richard Besen

- Cretaceous stratigraphy and paleoecology (Albium, Cenomanium, Turonium, Coniacium)
- Agglutinated Foraminifera
- Stable isotopes in paleontological research

Dr. Juan Pablo D’Olivo Cordero

- Paleoceanography
- Coral
- Geochemistry
- Climate Change
- Proxies
- Boron isotopes
- Sclerochronology
- Porites
- Trace elements
- Thermal stress
- Ocean Acidification

Dr. Theo Engeser

- Mollusca
- Cephalopoda
- Biodiversität
- Evolution
- Invertebraten-Taxonomie
- Paläobiogeographie
- Invertebraten (Phanerozoikum)

Marielle Geppert

- Environmental reconstructions
- Palaeoclimatology
- Lake sediments

Dr. habil Joachim Gründel

Jura - Gastropoden (Taxonomie, Philogenie, Paläogeographie)

Venise Gummersbach

- Palaeoclimate reconstruction of Southern Africa
- Isotope geochemistry of aquatic organisms
- Derivation and documentation of environmental parameters by remote sensing and GIS
- Investigation of geomorphologic forms as environmental archives
- Research on climate and environmental change

Dr. Georg Heiss

- Biogeoscience Coral Reefs
- Paleoceanography
- Paleoclimatology
- Paleoecology
- Sedimentology

Dr. Gerhard Helle

- Klimadynamik
- Landschaftsentwicklung

Dr. Manja Hethke

A multiproxy approach to studying lake ecosystems in the Mesozoic

Dr. Diego Kersting

My scientific interests are focused on the impact of global change disturbances in marine ecosystems (mainly warming, but as well other disturbances such as invasive species and diseases), with special attention to key species and vulnerable communities; as well as in the role of MPAs as laboratories and conservation tools in the current context of global change.

Currently, I am highly interested in expanding our knowledge on global warming impacts by combining long-term data series on ecological responses and local water temperature with geochemical and schlerochronological proxies.

Franziska Kobe

- Pollenanalytik
- Paläoumweltrekonstruktion
- Klimarekonstruktion
- Biomrekonstruktion
- Mensch-Umwelt-Interaktionen

PD Dr. Annette Kossler

- Quaternary Geosciences
- Freshwater organisms
- Karpology (seeds & fruits, plant macrofossils)
- Palaeoclimatology
- Palaeoecology
- Environmental reconstructions

Dr. Christian Leipe

- past climate and vegetation reconstruction based on modern and fossil pollen assemblages
- investigating the relationships between post-glacial climate, environmental variations and early human societies

Dr. Jörg Maletz

- Evolution of the marine planktic ecosystem
- Patterns of fossil distribution as indicators for basin evolution and sea level changes
- Global chronostratigraphy and Earth Time - Combining absolute and relative dating methods to understand time constrains of geological processes (sedimentation, eustasy, biological evolution)

Dr. Carolina Müller

- environmental and climate change
- Holoceneclimate- and human-induced vegetation cover fluctuations in central and southern China

Mathias Ricking

- Development of sampling equipment for water, porewater and sediment samples
- Analysis of environmental samples from point and diffuse sources for organic and inorganic compounds, contaminant identification in combination with ecotoxicological analysis, ecological risk assessment
- Analysis of marine microplastics within the Expedition-MED and MP in urban ecosystem

Dipl.-Geol. Anna Schubert

Franziska Slotta

- Dendrochronologie
- Dendroklimatologie

Dr. Michael Steiner

- Mikrofossilien
- Paläozoikum
- Kambrium
- Präkambrium
- Invertebraten
- Algen
- Mikroben
- Taphonomie
- Fossil-Lagerstätten
- fossile Embryos

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Struck

- Forschung im Bereich der Nutzung stabiler Isotope in der Ökologie und der Paläoumweltforschung

Prof. Dr. Pavel E. Tarasov

- Mikropaläontologie
- Pollen und Pflanzen als Klima und Umweltarchive
- Paläobiogeographie

Robert Wiese

- Cenozoic fresh water gastropods
- Phylogeny and evolution of viviparid gastropods
- Palaeoclimate reconstruction
- Ancient Lakes