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Target group and aims of the e-learning module

This module was concept conceptualized primary for:

  • Bachelor students from cultural studies or geoscience being interested in landscape archaeological research
  • Master students studying landscape archaeology, being interested in the region South Asia

The aims of the module Landscape Archaeology in South Asia are the following:

  • to interest student to landscape archaeological research
  • to introduce the benefits of landscape archaeological research
  • to provide different definitions for landscape archaeology
  • to introduce strategies and effects of natural resource management for / on ancient cultures

After finishing the module Landscape Archaeology in South Asia, students:

  • know different perspectives on the term landscape
  • understand benefits of interdisciplinary research
  • have an overview of different definitions of the discipline landscape archaeology
  • know concepts of ancient resource exploitation
  • understand the meaning of ancient water harvesting systems in the dryzone of Sri Lanka as part of the cultural heritage management