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Contents and Use

e-Learning Modules

During the first workshop in January 2006 the participants formed small working groups for the practical training part of the GeoLearning project. Addressing important aspects of their teaching fields as geoscientists, they decided to create e-learning materials about the following interdisciplinary topics:

Another working group was formed by Anette Stumptner. This module is part of her Diplom thesis at Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Geographical Sciences, and covers the topic

Target groups

Most of the content is designed for third-year undergraduate students of Geosciences and Environmental Sciences (Mountain Building, GR to Climate Change and Soil Erosion). The Gondwana Module starts with the first-year level and continues with special topics. The Watershed Management Module primarily addresses students of a degree programme on Watershed Management and students of a master’s degree programme in Geosciences or Environmental Sciences with elective Watershed Management.

Scenarios for using the e-Learning materials

There are different opportunities to learn (and teach) using this GeoLearning environment.

These e-learning modules are mostly developed for a blended learning concept - a mix of face-to-face lessons and additional e-learning phases to prepare or repeat special topics; where required, they are complemented with communication or collaboration tools.

It is also possible to study the contents in a self-directed learning process (without classroom learning).

Detailed information about the target groups and learning targets of each topic is given in the start information of the particular e-learning module.