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Is the research project scientifically accepted?
  • Does the starting point correspond with the current level of knowledge?
  • Is the method adequate?
  • Are relevant results taken into consideration?
Are the scientists qualified?
  • Are the scientists at the height of methodological knowledge?
  • Have they already been successful in the discipline concerned?
  • Are all relevant / required disciplines represented?
Can the project be realized in the way it is planned?
  • Are the capacities of the institution sufficient to take on the project?
  • Is qualified staff present or can it be recruited in time?
  • Is the material equipment available or can it be provided in time?
  • Are the funds sufficient to realize the planned activities?
Is the project planned carefully enough?
  • Has an organizational or management structure been established?
  • Can unforeseen costs or those potentially a arising later be taken over?
  • In the case of failure, are alternative possibilities taken into consideration?