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What is the project's meaning within the disciplines concerned?
  • To which extent will the level of knowledge be increased?
  • Will a gap of scientific insight in a certain discipline be closed?
  • Does the project contribute to a better theoretical penetration (building of theory)
  • Will the project promote the qualification of participants (capacity building)?
What are the project's effects on the concerned disciplines?
  • Does the project contribute to the progress in the discipline?
  • Can the results be transferred to other disciplines or areas?
  • Will the project stimulate further research and interdisciplinary work?
Does the project improve or expand the methodological instruments?
  • Will new methods or techniques be developed?
  • Will current methods or techniques be improved
  • Will new application for a known method or technique be developed?
What are the project's effects on economic environment?
  • Will results be applicable directly or after further research?
  • Will results be patentable?
What are the project's effects on the material and social environment?
  • Does it contribute to the preservation of natural resources?
  • Does it contribute to an improvement of food security?
  • Does it help improve the quality of life?
  • Does it serve for the improvement of the infrastructure?
What are the project’s effects on the intellectual and spiritual life?
  • Does it create new possibilities of spiritual life or experiences?
  • Does it serve for the unfolding of personality and the development of creativity?
  • Does it serve for self-reflection and self-controlling of behaviour?
Is the research project scientifically accepted?
  • Does the starting point correspond with the current level of knowledge?
  • Is the method adequate?
  • Are relevant results taken into consideration?
Are the scientists qualified?
  • Are the scientists at the height of methodological knowledge?
  • Have they already been successful in the discipline concerned?
  • Are all relevant / required disciplines represented?
Can the project be realized in the way it is planned?
  • Are the capacities of the institution sufficient to take on the project?
  • Is qualified staff present or can it be recruited in time?
  • Is the material equipment available or can it be provided in time?
  • Are the funds sufficient to realize the planned activities?
Is the project planned carefully enough?
  • Has an organizational or management structure been established?
  • Can unforeseen costs or those potentially a arising later be taken over?
  • In the case of failure, are alternative possibilities taken into consideration?
Is the submission conforming to donor regulations?
  • Is the submission complete (identification page, proposal, annex documents)?
  • Is the submission or proposal elements of the prescribed length?
  • Are formatting requirements respected (font, border, number and style, etc.)?
Is the formal quality the submission acceptable?
  • Are title and keywords appropriate?
  • Is the abstract complete and understandable?
  • Are reference citations consistently formatted?
  • Are figures and tables well prepared and labelled?
  • Is the English language quality sufficient?
Is the proposal logically structured?
  • Is the problem statement introduced?
  • Are the references up-to-date?
  • Are all work packages/activities linked to an objective?