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Brain storming

Brain storming

Brain storming

Brain storming is a useful tool to develop a metaplan. It involves the collection of ideas from all participants and their categorization and visualization. The main goal of the technique is to refine problems and objectives. In the metaplan the subject areas are defined and the topics are grouped into working packages.

Ideas are written as single words on paper cards. The cards are arranged on a board, so that all participants of your meeting can see that ideas and objectives are on discussion. To be effective and give good results, brainstorming has to follow some simple rules:

  • define an objective! establish a time limit!categorize / condense / combine / refine!

  • assess/analyze effects or results!

  • prioritize options/rank list as appropriate!

  • no contribution should be discarded!

Brain storiming might be followed by a more structured mind mapping!