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The minimum amount of water required by a lactating woman is 7.5 litters per day. However, for basic hygiene and food hygiene, an amount of 20 litters per day is required.

One possibility to produce rural energy are micro hydro-turbines. They can be installed in a small river also in remote areas.

Other possibilities of energy production are described »here.

Solar energy, streaming water and waves, wind, biomass and geothermal energy.

Biomass helps to protect the environment and to produce fertilizer.

Follow this link to the section 'Resource biomass' in the learning material.

Base flow is a portion of the stream flow that is not runoff; it is water from the ground, flowing into the channel over a long time and with a certain delay.

Biomass is organic material derived from living or dead organisms.

It increases the water holding capacity of soils, increases soil infiltration and therefore the water available for evaporation and increases plant growth and thus enables a vegetation layer protecting the soil.