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Problem solutions

Buffer strips prevent lakes, streams or wetlands from being reached by pollutants. They also provide habitats for plants and animals and reduce peak stream flow. So they also prevent floods and water scarcity.

  • Adding a drainage system for soils with a low infiltration capacity in subsoil,
  • breakup of a tillage pan using deep plows,
  • minimizing compaction,
  • residue management and the application of manure might increase the infiltration capacity due to changes in aggregation,
  • etc.

Training should be conducted at the level of scientists, practitioners and locals. Scientists train students and future teachers, who have a multiplier function. Practitioners give management the legal framework and the locals implement measures.

To learn more about this topic, read the learning content on 'human resources in IWM'.

The construction of dams or micro-dams mitigates flood risk and water scarcity. Reservoirs can fill up in the rainy season and water can be used in the dry season. In addition, runoff of high rainfall events can be retained in the reservoir and discharged later.

The main stakeholder groups are scientists, regulatory authorities, members of water user associations and the local population.