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Research activities in Africa

Research activities in the framework of the project "Integrated Watershed Management Research and Development Capacity Building":

Norbert Anselm (2015), Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Assessment of Landscape Sensitivity in the semiarid Krom Antonies River Catchment, Western Cape, South Africa (MSc thesis)
Fabian Becker (2015), Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Soil Erosion Risk Assessment in the Upper Mefou Subcatchment, Southern Cameroon PlateauRSA Water Management Structure (MSc thesis)
Christian Haußner (2014), Freie Universität Berlin, Germany Vulnerability to poverty of South African farm worker households and the impact of migration using the example of the Krom-Antonies catchment area (MSc thesis)

Heinrich Hecht (2015), Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Integrated Watershed Management - Geogenic and anthropogenic impact on the ground- and surface water quality in the Krom Antonies River- Valley, South Africa (MSc thesis)
Wibke Ott (2014), Freie Universität Berlin, Germany Access to Drinking Water and Stakeholder Action -
Drinking Water Governance in Cameroon from a
Political-Ecological Perspective
Case Study: Upper Mefou Watershed, Cameroon (MSc thesis)