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Code Analysis

Comment every line of the following piece of code! What does it do?


This code is used to validate an already processed classification called 'rfclassified' using a validation sample set called 'valMerge'.

Then, an Error Matrix is calculated to evaluate the classifications accuracy.


var rfvalidation = rfclassified.sampleRegions({ //Initiates the validation
collection: valMerge, //Choose the merged validation samples
properties: ['landcover'], //Choose geometry field 'landcover' as property
scale: 30, //Set spatial resolution
print(rfvalidation, 'Random Forest Validation');//Print the results to the console

var rfTestAccuracy = rfvalidation.errorMatrix('landcover', 'classification'); //Create an Error Matrix for evaluation purposes
print(rfTestAccuracy, 'Validation of the Random Forest Error Matrix'); //Print Error Matrix to the Console
print(rfTestAccuracy.accuracy(), 'Random Forest Overall Accuracy'); //Print Overall Accuracy to the Console