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On the German side, seven projects make up the FG 736. They range from geochemistry over sedimentology, paleontology and taphonomy to mineralogy. The German groups are matched with Chinese groups of approximately equal size.


Project TitlePrincipal investigator(s)

Ecological and environmental change recorded through stratigraphy and sedimentology at selected Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary sections in East and Central Asia


C. Heubeck

> all members

  2 Global trends in nutrient dynamics during the Ediacaran / Cambrian period as revealed in nitrogen isotope signatures

U. Struck

> all members

   3 History of Biomineralization in early metazoan clades and the taphonomic phosphatization window at the PC-C boundary

M. Steiner, H. Keupp

> all members

   4 Sr, Nd and Li isotopes in carbonates of the Yangtze Platform and from Kazakhstan as tracers for the Ediacaran and Cambrian weathering history H. Becker

> all members

   5 Multi-proxy records of seawater chemistry and environmental change from Precambrian-Cambrian carbonate-phosphorite and chert-phosphorite assemblages: Implications for enhanced bioproductivity and phosphogenesis G. Franz, F. von Blankckenburg, D. Hippler

> all members


Biodiversity patterns of the Cambrian Explosion

W. Kiessling

> all members

   7 Reconstruction of Ediacaran to Early Cambrian ocean pH and weathering conditions S. Kasemann

> all members

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