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The Precambrian-Cambrian Ecosphere (R)evolution: Insights from Chinese microcontinents

Welcome to the DFG Forschergruppe 736

The Forschergruppe 736 forms the German part of a German-Chinese binational research group financed by DFG and NSFC. FOR 736 started on Jan. 1, 2008, with initial funding for three years and was extended for another three years starting April 1, 2011. The group has its administrative center at the Institut für Geologische Wissenschaften of the Freie Universität Berlin; however, group members also come from another Berlin university, two research institutions in and near Berlin, respectively, and one other university department in Germany.

Our subject of research:

We are focusing on the time period near the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition. There, within approximately a dozen million years, life "exploded" (or so it seems through the extremely condensed and fragmentary geologic record), for causes not well understood ...


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