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Information for Students

Please note that the hyperlinks below lead to sites in English which do also have a German equivalent. Where indicated, the sites linked do only exist in German without an English language version.

  • study programs at the DES (with study and examination regulations, study plans etc.) here
  • contact persons and counselling opportunities at the DES here
  • university calendar, Campus Management etc. here
  • general professional skills courses (abbr.: ABV) and professional practical training for Bachelor students here
  • studies abroad here
  • e-Learning here (German)
  • teaching evaluation at the DES here (German)
  • forms, important for registration for exams etc. here

Introductory Courses and Central Institutions

  • Introduction to the central learning platform ("Blackboard") for students here (German)
  • Competence in IT and studies techniques, hosted by ZEDAT, the central data processing center of FUB, here (German)
  • Language Center here (German)
  • Career Service here (German)
  • University Sports here