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Contact & Academic Advising

Please note that the hyperlinks below lead to sites in English which do also have a German equivalent. Where indicated, the sites linked do only exist in German without an English language version.

Mentoring for beginners

At the Department of Earth Sciences a mentoring program is offered for students in their beginners phase. Mentors, who are all advanced students, offer counsel and supervision for study planning and organisation, help with everyday study problems and teach learning techniques and strategies.

Further information here.

Departmental advisors

Study and Examinations Office

The Study and Examinations Office records examination achievements, accepts applications for theses (Bachelor, Master, Diploma) and hands out transcripts, certificates and reports.

Contact here.

Dean of Studies

Contact here.

Departmental student bodies

Further counselling offers for students

  • General Academic Advising at Free University Berlin here
  • foreign students counselling here
  • Alumni Network here