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Information for Prospective Students

Please note that the hyperlinks below lead to sites in English which do also have a German equivalent. Where indicated, the sites linked do only exist in German without an English language version.

1. Programs of study

The DES offers three programs of undergraduate study leading to a first academic degree, the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), providing a professional qualification. The DES also offers five programs of graduate study leading to the Master of Science (M.Sc.). Enrolment for the study paths leading to the degrees of  “Diplom” or “Staatsexamen” is no longer possible.

           The programs of study offered by the DES, the respective study and examination

           regulations, study plans etc. you will find here.

2. Information and self-assessment

The DES as of late offers prospective students Online Self Assessments (OSAs). Besides being provided with comprehensive information across the field of Earth Studies, prospective students may gain insight into the subject matter and requirements of their prospective field of study at Free University Berlin (FUB) via questions and exercises. By means of feedback the user shall assess autonomously whether the respective program of study comes into his or her consideration.

           The OSAs you will find here (German).

3. Application

For first-year students, as a rule, application and enrolment into bachelor's and master's programs is only possible to the winter semester of each year.

  • Information regarding your application and further steps you will also find on the information page for prospective students of FUB here.
  • Information about the application for master's programs and doctoral studies you will find here.

4. Orientation and Academic Advising

A first orientation about the distinctive features of the DES offers its profile here.

Different forms of counsel is offered by