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Nomination and Application at the Partner University

By March: Allocation of study places and notification of applicants

  • Please confirm binding acceptance of the exchange place as soon as possible so that we can nominate you at the partner university!

Application at the partner university

  • The partner university will contact you directly and send you the necessary documents.
  • Please be sure to observe the respective deadlines of the partner universities!
  • Prepare for your study abroad (apartment, bank, travel arrangements, insurances, ...; see below)

Fill out your Learning Agreement

  • almost all universities are using the new Online Learning Agreement
  • in case you have to work with the PDF, the Online Learning Agreement Platform will show you an error message, indicating that the university in question is not using the OLA yet. It is also possible that the partner university sends you their own Learning Agreement form which you then have to use.
  • You can find a detailled guide on how to work with the Online Learning Agreement here
  • You can find a general guide on how to fill out the Learning Agreement here
  • You can find a short guide on how to use the "Beiblatt" here, which is necessary if you work with the OLA
More information on the general recognition process can be found here, while specific recognition information for the Geosciences can be found here. Nevertheless, always contact the examination board personally and discuss your choice of courses and options! More information on the general preparation for the stay abroad can be found here.