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Language Certificates

With regard to the required language certificates, the following aspects must be considered:

At universities where the language of instruction is a regional dialect, such as in Valencia, we pay particular attention to the language requirements being met due to previous difficulties and may set them higher (B2 instead of B1). Regardless of the university, the requirements for master's students are often slightly higher (B2 or C1) than for bachelor's students (mostly B1 or B2). It makes sense to find out about additional support offers regarding the language of instruction at the partner university, e.g. readings offered in English, even though the lecture is held in the national language.

Note regarding (Spanish) language certificates: The Sprachenzentrum of FU, especially Faculty for Spanish, has been issuing language certificates without requiring students to take a language test. The certificates are only issued on the basis of the Abitur certificates or other previously acquired documents. We hereby inform you that we do not accept language certificates based only on the Abitur certificate or other older documents as proof of language proficiency for the application for the Erasmus+ programme. It is essential to submit evidence based on a recent (not older than two years) and actual assessment of language skills for the application. We would like to point out the necessity to take care of the acquisition of a language certificate at an early stage, as the demand for language tests at the Language Center is often very high.