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Student Advisory Service

The FSI is a group of students who are primarily responsible for this,
to breathe a little life into our institute and to improve the communication
among the students of different semesters and between students and
to support the staff of the institute.

We take care of the Café d'Horst and of the one or other
other institute celebrations, such as the summer party, the Christmas party or the
take care of the physical well-being during the long night of the sciences.
Furthermore, we try to maintain contact with other institutes of the
meteorology upright.
We don't necessarily see our task in the supervision of students,
mentors, but are happy to answer any questions you may have.
any question that may arise. In any case, we are ready to answer all possible
to support ideas and, if possible, also to assist with the procurement of
to provide financial aid.

In principle, everyone is cordially invited to register at the FSI. to make studying and working as pleasant as possible. We would even be very happy, if one or the other, especially from the lower semesters, would contact us. For this, as well as for questions, praise, criticism, love letters or whatever else you would like to ask us. No matter how you think, just send an e-mail to fsi@met.fu-berlin.de

More information about FSI and actual Information, you can see here: FSI-Homepage
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