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Presentation of the Master Thesis in the Joint Seminar

Within the framework of the regulations in the wake of the Corona crisis, the Presidium has published the following handling of oral Bachelor's and Master's examinations on its FAQ page (disputes are excluded from this): "If an oral part of the final thesis is provided for in the relevant study and examination regulations, these examinations are currently not taking place. In order to avoid any disadvantages, you can choose whether the oral part of the final thesis is waived or whether it should take place at a later date after resuming regular study. If you decide to waive the oral part of the final thesis, the grade for the final thesis will only be formed from the written part of the final thesis.".

The following specific regulations for the Mono-Master Meteorology course are made by the examination board:

We kindly ask you to submit the presentations for the presentation of the Master thesis at the end of the semester in the expectation that attendance examinations are possible until then. If this is not possible, the lectures can also be held in the virtual "Joint Seminar" at the usual time.

Please contact the lecturer for the grading of lectures in the context of further courses in meteorology.
A solution is still being worked out for examinations.