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Program ...

... the finale program is available

Abstracts ...

... the book of abstracts is available


  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
9:00 SUPTECH VPR1 Welcome   Talks ComMeet
9:30 SUPTECH Talks   Talks ComMeet
10:00 SUPTECH Talks WGs CP VPR1, DYNNUM VPR2, CCAR VPR3 Talks ComMeet
12:00 Lunch Talks Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Talks CO Meeting VPR0
13:30 Lunch Lunch Poster (SAB) Talks CO Meeting
14:00 WGs AIO VPR1, ICON VPR2, SOILVEG VPR3 WGs EVAL VPR1, CRCS VPR2 Poster (SAB) Talks CO Meeting
15:00 WGs AIO, ICON, SOILVEG WGs EVAL, CRCS Poster (SAB)   CO Meeting
15:30 WGs AIO, ICON, SOILVEG WGs EVAL, CRCS SAB Meeting VPR0   CO Meeting
16:00     SAB Meeting    
17:30     SAB Meeting    
18:00   Social Event      

Rooms and Logins ...

... please note the Meeting Etiquette

  • Main Conference Room ZOOM@HZG
    (Please take the Meeting-id and the password from the community-e-mail from 2nd September of 2020!)
  • Virtual Plenary room No. 0 VPR0
  • Virtual Plenary room No. 1 VPR1
  • Virtual Plenary room No. 2 VPR2
  • Virtual Plenary room No. 3 VPR3