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Stratospheric Analyses

Freie Universität Berlin Stratospheric Analyses

The Berlin dataset consists of 35 years of daily (every two days in summer) geopotential height and temperature fields at 50, 30 and 10hPa in the northern hemisphere. The hemispheric analyses were produced in real time by a subjective analysis technique,using the 00UT radiosonde reports from the observational network, by a team of experienced meteorologists. Both geostrophic and hydrostatic balance were assumed in the analysis procedure, and the wind observations were given a high priority. The imposition of these balance conditions ensures a consistent dataset; further, temporal continuity is assured by meteorological inspection. Note that these balance conditions can result in, say, temperatures which deviate from the local radiosonde reports, which include meso-scale structures as well as any random or systematic observational errors. The Berlin analyses thus represent the synoptic-scale structure of the lower and middle stratosphere.

Daily Plots of the stratosphere

The data are available in regular northern hemispheric latitude-longitude grids:

  • geopotential height from November 1964 to June 2001,
  • temperatures from July 1965 to June 2001.


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Freie Universität Berlin Stratospheric Analyses on CD-Rom

Besides the daily data, the CD-Rom contains monthly mean fields, derived from the daily maps, and climatological averages.

If you need access to the original gridded Berlin Data, you now have the possibility to download the CD-image file of the Berlin Stratospheric Data Series.