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Atmospheric Dynamics


  • Analysis of the climatology and variability of the stratosphere and mesosphere in measurements and model data.
  • Provision of daily stratospheric winter diagnostics and meteorological support for measurement campaigns.
  • Investigation of radiative, chemical and dynamical processes, and their inter -actions using a state-of-the-art global Chemistry-Climate-Model with focus on:
    • anthropogenic depletion and recovery of stratospheric ozone,
    • interaction between atmosphere and oceans,
    • model projections of future stratospheric change,
    • impact of stratospheric change on tropospheric weather forecast.
  • Investigation of solar cycle effects on climate.
  • Model simulations of early Earth conditions to study the evolution of life.
  • Application of advanced methods of time series analysis to climate research.


Carl-Heinrich-Becker-Weg 6-10
12165 Berlin
Prof. i.R. Dr. Ulrike Langematz
(030) 838-471165