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Mobile Measurement Kits

Mobile Measurement Instrument Kit

We have put together a backpack measurement kit for collecting a range of different environmental data in the field. The kit includes descriptions of the measurement instruments and a selection of measurement points at the zoo and in the Spreewald forest that are suitable for one kind of measurement or another.
There are currently five backpack measurement kits, which will shortly be available for borrowing from the Institute. At present, the instruments and their use are being tested in the NaT Working project and the supplementary materials are being developed.

What do the kits measure?

  • Meteorological factors (wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity)
  • Environmental data (brightness, noise levels)
  • Hydrological factors (water turbidity, pH values, conductivity, flow speed)

How are the measurements taken?

The measurement data can be captured one time, at a fixed measurement point, over a predetermined time span. For spatially distributed data collection, the supplementary materials recommend a number of different measurement tracks.

Where are the measurements taken?

Student field trips can take the backpack kits along on field trips, with the full complement of instruments or just a specific selection. A number of measurement points and a measurement track are recommended for the zoo and the Spreewald forest.