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Daily Journal

Our daily journal lists all the activities associated with the project. This listing is intended to illustrate the course of our project.

Offerings for Schools, with Schools

From Weather to Weather Report

A tour of the Weather Garden and Weather Control Center gives students a look at meteorological instruments, their use, and how information is analyzed to yield the daily weather report. In addition to supervising the tours, project members develop age group-appropriate supplementary materials.

A Playful Approach to Climate Change

We support organization of a game day, using the climate game Keep Cool and our own supplementary materials. School groups can borrow up to 30 games.

Taking the Environment’s Measure

Equipped with our backpack measurement kit, students can independently collect environmental data on field trips and analyze the information across academic disciplines.

Networked School Weather

Measurement of meteorological data at schools using an automatic weather station forms the basis for a weather data measurement network for Berlin that students can use to process their current weather information themselves and compare it to that supplied by the scientific stations in the Berlin Measurement Network.