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Long-term measurements as part of the 3DO joint project

The city monitoring network of the FU-Berlin, Institut für Meteorologie, AG Urban Climate and Health was extended by 21 stations within the framework of the BMBF project 'Urban Climate in Transition-3DO', subproject 3.

Air temperature and humidity are measured at a height of 2m. The Rotronic sensor LOG-HC2-RC is used as measuring device, which records the data in a measuring cycle of 5 minutes.

The stations with the blue circles belong to the automatic, long-term FU city measuring network with further measured variables such as precipitation, wind direction, wind speed, water temperature, etc. The stations are equipped with a sensor that records the data every 5 minutes.

FU Urban Microclimate Network (FUMiNet)

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FU Urban Microclimate Network (FUMiNet) bei OpenStreetMap