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Dr. Jun Yan


Postdoctoral Researcher - DIVerse Exoplanet Redox State Estimations (DIVERSE)

Malteserstr. 74-100
Room D-303
12249 Berlin

Ph.D, 2021, Geophysics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)

Project: ERC Consolidator Grant 2022, DIVerse Exoplanet Redox State Estimations (DIVERSE).


Goes, S., Yu, C., Ballmer, M., Yan, J., & van der Hilst. R. (2022) Chemical heterogeneity in the mantle transition zone. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 3, 533-550

Yan, J., Ballmer, M.D. and Tackley, P.J., (2020): The evolution and distribution of recycled oceanic crust in the Earth's mantle: Insight from geodynamic models. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 537, p.116171.

Yan, J. and Liu, H., (2016): Modeling of pure acoustic wave in tilted transversely isotropic media using optimized pseudo-differential operators. Geophysics, 81(3), pp.T91-T106.

Khan, A., van Driel, M., Böse, M., Giardini, D., Ceylan, S., Yan, J., Clinton, J., Euchner, F., Lognonné, P., Murdoch, N. and Mimoun, D. (2016): Single-station and single-event marsquake location and inversion for structure using synthetic Martian waveforms. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 258, pp.28-42.