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New paper by Dr. Engin Keles published

News from May 24, 2024

A new paper by Dr. Engin Keles has been published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The paper is titled "The PEPSI Exoplanet Transit Survey (PETS). V: New Na D transmission spectra indicate a quieter atmosphere on HD 189733b". Dr. Engin Keles recently joined the Planetary Geodynamics group as a Postdoc.

An abstract of the paper can be found below, and the full paper can be accessed via this link.


Absorption lines from exoplanet atmospheres observed in transmission allow us to study atmospheric characteristics such as winds. We present a new high-resolution transit time-series of HD 189733b, acquired with the PEPSI instrument at the LBT and analyze the transmission spectrum around the Na D lines. We model the spectral signature of the RM-CLV-effect using synthetic PHOENIX spectra based on spherical LTE atmospheric models. We find a Na D absorption signature between the second and third contact but not during the ingress and egress phases, which casts doubt on the planetary origin of the signal. Presupposing a planetary origin of the signal, the results suggest a weak day-to-nightside streaming wind in the order of 0.7 km/s and a moderate super-rotational streaming wind in the order of 3 - 4 km/s, challenging claims of prevailing strong winds on HD 189733b.

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