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Eumenides and the MFF

The Eumenides Dorsum mountain range is located west of the Tharsis region and is part of the Medusae Fossae Formation (MFF). The MFF itself is a very extensive geological formation found along the Martian highland-lowland boundary between the Tharsis and Elysium volcanic centers. The formation appears easily erodible and extends discontinuously for more than 5000 km, covering a region about the size of India.

It is thought, that the MFF consists of ash that was deposited by pyroclastic flows or volcanic air falls from the Tharsis volcanos or from Olympus Mons starting in Hesperian times, some 3.8-3.0 billion years ago. In general, the surface of the formation appears smooth and gently undulating as seen in the upper left portion of the image (southwest). Other regions are wind-sculptured into kilometer long linear ridges and grooves like in the center and lower left part of the image (southeast). The ridges are called yardangs and generally point in direction of the prevailing winds that carved them.