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Mars 2020 Landing Site

The goal of NASA’s Mars2020 mission is to explore the history of water and chemistry in an ancient crater lake basin and associated river-delta environments to probe early Martian climates and search for life. The mission is set to land on 18 February 2021 in Jezero crater. The planned landing area is marked with an ellipse (landing site ellipse = LSE). On board: The NASA rover “Perseverance”. The 1,025 kg heavy rover is the most complex equipment ever sent to Mars. Besides numerous scientific instruments, it will carry containers for a drill core sample collection that will be left on Mars for a later return to Earth carried out by follow-up missions planned for the 2030s. The rover also carries a 1.8 kg helicopter drone named “Ingenuity” as technology demonstrator and near field reconnaissance instrument.

Link to: Flight over the Jezero Crater - NASA's Mars 2020 landing site