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This is a joint job advertisement of the working groups Radiation and Remote Sensing at the Institute of Meteorology, Planetology and Remote Sensing and Geodynamics and Mineral Physics of Planetary Systems at the Institute of Geological Sciences.

With 1/2-part-time job

Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU

Duration: limited to 4 years

Reference code: promotion-strafern-e


Information on the job advertisement, please visit the website of Freie Universität Berlin 


Application deadline: 16.08.2021


Dust storms are a central element of the weather and climate on Mars. In order to examine and ultimately shed light on the complexity of the formation of dust storms, their residence in the atmosphere and impacts on the state of the atmosphere, we have launched an interdisciplinary PhD project, which is supervised in close cooperation by the working groups "Radiation and Remote Sensing" at the Institute of Meteorology, "Planetology and Remote Sensing" and "Geodynamics and Mineral Physics of Planetary Processes" at the Institute of Geology.


Job description:
The position is available from 1 Oct. 2021 for 4 years and is aimed at future PhD students who would like to link the two attractive and exciting research areas "Mineral Dust in the Atmosphere" and "Atmosphere/Atmospheric Evolution of Mars" in their research. The position, primarily based at the Institute of Meteorology and with work phases in Planetary Sciences, is funded from the budget of the Department of Earth Sciences and there is an obligation to participate in teaching (BSc and MSc in Meteorology, MSc in Planetary Sciences and Remote Sensing) with 2 hours during semesters.


The central research topic of the future post holder is the atmospheric life cycle of mineral dust on the planet Mars. In the course of the 4-year PhD project, different methodological skills (remote sensing of mineral dust, numerical simulation of dust emission, transport and deposition) will be acquired and complementarily combined to study the phenomenon of "dust storms on Mars", one of the most important meteorological phenomena of the Martian climate.


For further information, please contact Mrs. Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schepanski (kerstin.schepanski@fu-berlin.de / 0049 30 838 60650) at the Institute for Meteorology working group Radiation and Remote Sensing.


Job advertisement from: 25.07.2021