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GeoUtrecht 2020

News from Aug 25, 2020

Don’t miss the public lecture by Emanuel Kästle on the latest results of the AlpArray/4DMB project this Wednesday, 26th of August, at 08:30, accessible online here: Link

For those registered at the GeoUtrecht 2020, don’t miss the following talks of our group:

Angela Gomez-GarciaEline Le Breton et al. - The lithospheric structure of the Caribbean Large Igneous Plateau and the implications for the mantle plume origin - on Tuesday 25th at 18:05, Room 2.03

Vincent VerwaterMark HandyEline Le Breton et al. - Neogene kinematics and structural evolution of the eastern Southern Alps (Giudicarie Belt, Northern Italy) - on Wednesday 26th at 15:50, Room 2.03

Mark Handy et al. - First interpretation of mantle structure in the Alps-Apennines-Carpathian-Pannonian region from tele seismic Vp studies - on Wednesday 26th at 16:05, Room 2.03

Access the Virtual Conference Centre here: Link

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