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WG Geoecology

Welcome to the working group "Geoecology".

The working group (WG) "Geoecology" under the direction of Prof. Dr. mult. Dr. h. c. Konstantin Terytze is involved in the identification and assessment of chemical pollutants and their environmental impact. The research focuses on the soil ecosystem. In particular, the habitat and retention function of soils are considered. With the help of a chemical-physical characterization, chemical analysis and biological test systems (ecotoxicological tests) statements about a possible harmful potential of anthropogenically caused soil contamination are given.
Furthermore, in recent years the working group has intensively dealt with the closure of small-scale organic material cycles through the production of biochar and biochar substrates and their investigation with regard to the effect in crop production as well as the environmental and climatic effects. The WG Geoecology has extensive experience in composting and carbonization, including quality assurance of biochar and biochar substrates, experience in planting and conducting plant trials including chemical and ecotoxicological assessment of soils and plant substrates.
The WG Geoecology is a member of the working group “Bioavailability” and the subcommittee UA5 “Leaching methods” at the German Institute of Standardization (DIN).


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