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Impulses from ATLAS-ENGAGE for Citizens‘ Forum „Crisis-proof Society“

News from Nov 21, 2022

On November 17, 2022, the ATLAS-ENGAGE project was represented at the Citizens' Forum „Crisis-proof Society“, which accompanies the Enquete Commission on the topic of „Crisis-proof Society“ of the Baden-Württemberg State Parliament. Theresa Zimmermann and Sara Merkes gave a keynote speech entitled „How can I help? Civil society actively involved in crises and disasters“. They explored the questions: How is population protection structured in Germany and where can one get involved? What are the different forms of civic participation in crises? What changes in volunteering can we observe? What questions and needs arise accordinly? In the subsequent discussion with the participating citizens, an exchange took place on strengthening societal resilience to crises through engagement. The participants particularly emphasized that volunteering requires enabling conditions.

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