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M.Sc. Marielle Geppert

Marielle Neyen
Image Credit: Jan Kersten

Institute for Geographical Sciences

Applied Physical Geography, Environmental Hydrology and Resource Management


Malteserstr. 74-100
Room H027
12249 Berlin

Scientific education

07/2017 – present
Freie Universität Berlin – Ph.D. Earth Sciences
Topic: Reconstruction of a palaeo-lake system at the Tsodilo Hills UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kalahari, Botswana

Nanjing University– M.Sc. Environmental Earth Sciences
Semester abroad in Nanjing, China

10/2014 – 03/2017      
Freie Universität Berlin – M.Sc. Environmental Earth Sciences
Process-related variations in sediment dynamics of Lake Kuhai, NE Tibetan Plateau, China.

10/2010 – 09/2014      
Universität-Potsdam – B.Sc. Geoecology
Thesis: Depositional Characteristics of Glacial Kettle Holes at Kraatz and Rittgarten, NE Brandenburg, Germany.

Previous research employments

08/2013 – 04/2014
Universität Potsdam – Institute of Geosciences
Student assistant – Sample preparation for CNS elemental analysis

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)
Student assistant – Review, evaluation and preparation of literature sources in the project “Innovationsnetzwerk Klimaanpassung Brandenburg Berlin” (Innovation Network Climate Adaptation)

Scientific activities abroad

2019 – 2 weeks:
Paleolake Tsodilo + Molopo and Okwa River (Botswana)
field work: sediment sample collection (pits), drone survey

2018 – 3 weeks:
Paleolake Tsodilo (Botswana)
field work: sediment sample collection (pits and surface), differential GPS survey

2017 – 2 weeks:
Paleolake Tsodilo + Molopo River (Botswana)
field work: surface sediment sample collection

2015 – 2 weeks:
Lake Kuhai (Qinghai Province, China)
field work: sediment sample collection (surface), core drilling, measuring of different water parameters


Awards and Achievements

  • Best Poster Award; Geo.X Annual Meeting 2020
  • Scholarship of Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst e.V. (doctoral scholarship)
  • Elsa-Neumann-Scholarship (doctoral scholarship)


2018 - 2021
Field practical course: Theory and practice of physical-geographical methodology –topics: soil + catena („Theorie und Praxis der physisch-geographischen Methodik“, B.Sc. Geography)

2017 & 2019
Laboratory practical course: Theory and Practice of Physical Geographical Methodology - Introduction to Physical Geographical Laboratory Methods („Theorie und Praxis der physisch-geographischen Methodik – Einführung in physisch geographische Labormethoden“, B.Sc. Geography)

2017 ­- 2019
Seminar: Introduction to Statistics („Einführung in die Statistik“, B.Sc. Geography) (Substitute lessons)


2019 ­ present
Participation in the Certificate Programme for Higher Education Didactics at Dahlem Center for Academic Teaching (DCAT) “SUPPORT für die Lehre”

Students advised

Undergraduate supervision as additional advisor:

  • “Processes of soil formation in the Kalahari: an example from the Tsodilo Hills, north-western Botswana” (Hannah Ackermann; graded by Dr. Kai Hartmann and Dr. Tilman Rost) – Completed
  • “Sources of moisture for precipitation in southern Africa” (preliminary working title; Florian Cordt, supervised by Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfahl and Dr. Ingo Kirchner ) – Ongoing
  • Environmental reconstructions
  • Palaeoclimatology
  • Lake sediments

Peer-reviewed papers:

  • Geppert, M., Hartmann, K., Riedel, F., Struck, U. (2022). Stable water isotopes of precipitation and different surface waters in southern Africa, sampled from 2016 to 2021. PANGEAhttps://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.944811
  • Geppert, M., Hartmann, K., Kirchner, I., Pfahl, S., Struck, U., Riedel, F. (2022). Precipitation over southern Africa: Moisture sources and isotopic composition. JGR-Atmospherehttps://doi.org/10.1029/2022JD037005
  • Geppert, M., Riedel, F., Gummersbach, V.S., Gutjahr, S., Hoelzmann, P., Reyes Garzón, M.D., Shemang, E.M. & Hartmann, K. Late Pleistocene hydrological settings at world heritage Tsodilo Hills (NW Kalahari, Botswana), a site of ancient human occupation. Quaternary Science Advances 3 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.qsa.2021.100022.
  • Kleeberg, A., Neyen, M., Schkade, U.K., Kalettka T. & Lischeid, G.  Sediment cores from kettle holes in NE Germany reveal recent impacts of agriculture. Environ Sci Pollut Res 23, 7409–7424 (2016). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11356-015-5989-y
  • Kleeberg, A., Neyen, M. & Kalettka, T. Element-specific downward fluxes impact the metabolism and vegetation of kettle holes. Hydrobiologia 766, 261–274 (2016). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10750-015-2460-5


Conference contributions

  • Geppert, M., Riedel, F., Gummersbach, V.S., Gutjahr, S., Hoelzmann, P., Reyes Garzón, M.D., Shemang, E.M. & Hartmann, K. Environmental conditions at a paleo lake system on the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tsodilo Hills, Kalahari Botswana, during the Last Glacial Maximum – Arbeitskreis Wüstenrandforschung, online, 08.02.2021. (Oral presentation)
  • Geppert, M., Pfahl, S., Struck, U, Ingo Kirchner, Shemang, E.M., Hartmann, K. & Riedel, F., Identification of source-sink relationships in southern Africa by stable water isotopes analysis and Lagrangian moisture source diagnostics – EGU General Assembly, online, 4.-8.5.2020(Poster)
  • Neyen, M., Hartmann, K., Gummersbach, V.S., Reyes Garzón, Gutjahr, S., M.D., Shemang, E.M. & Riedel, F. Late Pleistocene lake-level fluctuations and relief inversion at Paleolake Tsodilo, Kalahari, NW Botswana – EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 7.-12.4.2019 (Poster)
  • Neyen, M., Hartmann, K., Gummersbach, V.S., Reyes Garzón, Gutjahr, S., M.D., Shemang, E.M. & Riedel, F. Late Pleistocene lake-level fluctuations and relief inversion at Paleolake Tsodilo, Kalahari, NW Botswana – Arbeitskreis Wüstenrandforschung, Rauischholzhausen, Germany, 08.-09.02.2019 (Poster)
  • Neyen, M., Hartmann, K., Bayer, V.S., Reyes Garzón, Gutjahr, S., Ramotoroko, C., M.D., Shemang, E.M. & Riedel, F. Geomorphological features derived by wavelet-based analysis of high-resolution TanDEM-X digital elevation models at Late Quaternary Paleo-lake Tsodilo, Kalahari, NW Botswana – Central European Conference on Geomorphology and Quaternary Sciences, Giessen, Germany, 23.-27.9.2018. (Oral Presentation)
  • Neyen, M., Bayer, V.S., Wiese, R., Reyes Garzón, M.D., Shemang, E.M., Hartmann, K. & Riedel, F. Reconstruction of the Palaeo-lake system Tsodilo, Kalahari, Botsuana– Arbeitskreis Wüstenrandforschung, Rauischholzhausen, Germany, 09.-10.02.2018 (Oral Presentation)
  • Neyen, M., Schkade, U. K., Kalettka, T., & Kleeberg, A. Besonderheiten der Sedimentation und Stoffakkumulation in glazial geprägten Ackerhohlformen (Söllen) der Uckermark (Nordost-Brandenburg). Conference of the German Limnological Society, Magdeburg, Germany, 29.09.-02.10.2014 (Oral Presentation).



Die Vermessung der Erde (2/2) – mit Harald Lesch: Von Kolumbus bis ins All (ZDF, 2019)
specific part: Fernsehdokumentation (45 min) "Die Vermessung der Erde" ZDF (2019)

complete docu: https://www.zdf.de/dokumentation/terra-x/die-vermessung-der-erde-mit-harald-lesch-von-kolumbus-bis-ins-all-100.html

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