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The research focuses of the subject area „Environmental Hydrology and Resource Management“ lie within the field of hydrological processes and geomorphological processes coupled in different time and spatial scales and also in the analysis of extreme hydrological situations (floods, low-water, droughts) and processes associated with these situations (material flow).

These include inter alia interactions of land cover/ land use and hydrological processes in river basins, fluid and sediment dynamics in standing waters and fluvial morphodynamics. On the basis of these investigations appropriate management strategies are developed to mitigate potential damage in case of extreme hydrological situations (e.g. decentralized, integrated flood protection) and concepts for integrated water resource management (IWRM).

Another focus lies on palaeo-hydrological studies for the reconstruction of ecosystem dynamics as well as climate and other environmental changes derived from sedimentation processes and bioindicators.

The methodological spectrum ranges from field and laboratory investigations and the development of comprehensive monitoring concepts up to process-oriented modeling of water bodies and their corresponding catchment areas.


Freie Universität Berlin
Department of Earth Sciences
Institute of Geographical Sciences
Applied Physical Geography, Environmental Hydrology and Resource Management

Campus Lankwitz, Building H
Malteserstraße 74 - 100
12249 Berlin

Office Prof. Dr. Schulte:

Ms. Maria von Bodecker
Phone: (+49 30) 838 70252
Fax: (+49 30) 838 458705
Email: bodecker@zedat.fu-berlin.de