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Meteorological data of Berlin

Berlin City measurement network

Berlin City measurement network
Image Credit: Institute of Meteorology

Climatic conditions in metropolitan areas such as Berlin play an increasingly important role in adapting living conditions to climate change. The urban measurement network MEVIS comprises 21 stations, 11 of which are active and distributed over the entire Berlin urban area. Climate statistics can be calculated from these data, which have reliably provided measurements of important meteorological variables since about 1997.

The data

Air temperature and humidity are measured at all stations. In addition, precipitation amount and duration, earth surface and ground temperature, wind direction and speed, sunshine duration, as well as air pressure and radiation variables are measured at different stations. The measurements are recorded every minute, so that approximately 100,000 readings are received by the central office at the Institute of Meteorology every day. In the converted water tower on the Fichtenberg Berlin-Steglitz, these measured data are supplemented by eye observations "around-the-clock" by students and weather technicians and checked by the meteorologists of the Berliner Wetterkarte e.V. and flow into the daily weather map. Part of this weather information is transmitted in the regular weather observation network under the station identifier 10381 of the World Meteorological Organization WMO to the German Weather Service DWD every hour.

Measurements from the MEVIS stations are freely available and will be made available to interested parties upon request. Work is currently underway to publish these data on an annual basis. The data and the detailed documentation of the measurement network can be accessed via the portal site https://mevis.klimod.de.

Further information about the Stadtmessnetz Berlin can be found on this website: https://www.geo.fu-berlin.de/met/service/wetterdaten/index.html