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Planetary data of terrestrial planets


Image Credit: TRR170 Public Domain

The DFG funded collaborative research center 'Late Accretion Onto Terrestrial Planets' (TRR 170) manages its data products, publications, and that of other planetary institutions in the TRR170-DB repository.

The stored data products are diverse, reflecting the range of methods used in planetary projects. Data include laboratory and other instrumental data on planetary samples, remote sensing data, geological maps and model simulations.

The TRR170-DB repository is managed by the TRR 170 data subproject (INF). The TRR 170 is part of the Geochemistry Group at the Department of Earth Sciences of the Freie Universität Berlin.

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Elfrun Lehmann (elfrun.lehmann@fu-berlin.de)

Alexander Balduin (alexander.balduin@posteo.net)