Key questions

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Question Mark

The key questions guiding you through this chapter 'interactions of geospheres' are:

  • What is meant if it is stated ‘the lithosphere, pedosphere, morphosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and human sphere interact’?
  • Which processes shape our watersheds in which we live?
  • What do affect the availability of natural resources in a watershed and the quality of these?
  • What is the hydrological cycle? Which role plays the hydrological cycle for Watershed Management?
  • Which hydrological processes are important in Watershed Management?
  • How can the hydrological cycle be portrayed quantitatively?
  • Why is the supply of water different from watershed to watershed and from time to time?
  • Which processes occur - among others - on the slopes of a watershed?
  • Which factors determine soil erosion processes?
  • Which influence does the human activity have on the degradation processes?
  • What is the underlying force for mass movements?
  • Under which circumstances are mass movements initiated?
  • Which processes can aggravate mass movements?
  • By which processes does a river form the landscape?
  • Why is the discharge behaviour of different rivers varying?
  • What is a hydrograph?
  • In which ways does a river erode?
  • How can the fluvial morphodynamic in a watershed be measured?
  • What is determining the deposition of stream load?