M.Sc. Mareike Schuster

Mareike Schuster

Freie Universität Berlin

Institut für Meteorologie


Address Carl-Heinrich-Becker-Weg 6-10
Room 296 (Neubau)
12165 Berlin
Telephone +49-(0)30 838-72751
Email mareike.schuster@met.fu-berlin.de

Academic Career

since 2013

Research Associate at the Institute for Meteorology at FU Berlin within the MesoTel project as part of the MiKlip initiative (since 2013) and within the collaboration bewteen CoreLogic EQECAT and FU Berlin (since 2014)


Master Thesis (IfM FU Berlin): The relevance of changes in SST gradients and upper tropospheric temperature for the displacement of southern hemispheric cyclone tracks in a climate scenario

Volunteer in field project ROTATE2012 (CSWR)


Volunteer in field project VORTEX2 (CSWR)


Bachelor Thesis (IfM FU Berlin): The relation between precipitation and circulation weather type (CWT) in Southern Australia – today and under climate change


Student Research Assistant at the IfM FU Berlin (SACAI, IMILAST)

Research Interests

  • Extratropical cyclones and storm diagnostics

  • Meteorological extreme events

  • Interannual to decadal climate prediction



Near-term (sub-decadal) variability in storm activity in the North-Atlantic-European region

MiKlip MesoTel

Northern hemisphere meso-scale storm development, teleconnections and interannual climate prediction


Intercomparison of mid latitude storm diagnostics


The Shift of Southern Hemisphere Storminess under Anthropogenic Climate Change around Antarctica and its Impacts



Grieger J., Leckebusch G.C., Donat M., Schuster M., Ulbrich U.: Southern Hemisphere winter cyclone activity under recent and future climate conditions in multi-model AOGCM simulations, International Journal of Climatology,
DOI: 10.1002/joc.3917


Ulbrich U, Leckebusch GC, Grieger J, Schuster M, Akperov M, Bardin MY, Feng Y, Gulev S, Inatsu M, Keay K, Kew SF, Liberato MLR, Lionello P, Mokhov II, Neu U, Pinto JG, Raible C, Reale M, Rudeva I, Simmonds I, Tilinina ND, Trigo IF, Ulbrich S, Wang XL, Wernli H and the IMILAST team (2013): Are Greenhouse Gas Signals of Northern Hemisphere winter extra-tropical cyclone activity dependent on the identification and tracking methodology?, Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 22(1), 61-68, DOI: 10.1127/0941-2948/2013/0420

Neu U, Akperov MG, Bellenbaum N, Benestad R, Blender R, Caballero R, Cocozza A, Dacre HF, Feng Y, Fraedrich K, Grieger J, Gulev S, Hanley J, Hewson T, Inatsu M, Keay K, Kew SF, Kindem I, Leckebusch GC, Liberato MLR, Lionello P, Mokhov II, Pinto JG, Raible CC, Reale M, Rudeva I, Schuster M, Simmonds I, Sinclair M, Sprenger M, Tilinina ND, Trigo IF, Ulbrich S, Ulbrich U, Wang XL, Wernli H (2013): IMILAST - a community effort to intercompare extratropical cyclone detection and tracking algorithms, BAMS, 94(4), 529-547, DOI: 10.1175/BAMS-D-11-00154.1